For The Table or Keep It to Yourself


House Made Feta Burrata | Rooftop Pesto | Local Honey | Speck | Marconas

Lamb Ragu

Hummus | Charred Shabazi Onions | Fried Mint | Pita


Toasted Bread Crumbs | Marcona | Pickled Radish | Eggplant

Toro Tabbouleh

Tuna Tare Tar | Bulger Wheat | Avocado | Tomato | Pine Nuts | Ciabatta Chips


Preserved lemon | Greek Olives | Parsley

Fattoush Salad

Romaine | Olives | Cucumber | Feta | Sumac Basil Vinaigrette

Roasted Beets

Labneh | Roasted Pistachios | Local Honey

Xoriatiki Salad

Cherry Tomatoes, olives, Cucumber, Sheep Feta, Padron Peppers, Red Onions, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Zaatar

Hot Braised Wings

Pickled Shishito Peppers | Local Radish | Shatta

Potato Gnocchi

Salsa Amatriciana | Pecorino Cheese

Something More

Seared Striped Bass

Israeli Cous Cous, Summer Squash, Tomato Butter, Basil

Late Night Braise

Braised Lamb Shank | Roasted Carrot | Garbanzo Beans

Trophy Chicken

Trofie pasta | Roasted Mighty Mushrooms | Lemon | Capers | Picatta Sauce

Duck Confit

Carrot Puree | Date | Puree | Saute Tomatoes | Fried Brussels Sprouts | Turnips

Beef Burger

Dry Aged Beef Patties | American Cheese | Butter Lettuce | Local Tomato | Harissa Aioli | Fries

Greek Lamb Burger

Two Smashed Lamb Patties | Tatziki | Feta | Local Tomato | Fries


Red shrimp | Preserved Lemon | Chili Oil | Hummus | Grilled Bread

Hanger Steak

Pumpkin Puree | Grilled Leeks | Grilled Mushrooms Demi Glace

Build Your Mezze

(Three for $20, Five for $28)

Roasted Squash

Roasted Mushrooms

Roasted Carrots


House Chips

Artichoke Hummus


Marinated Olives



Cauli Baba


Oh Bee-Hive

Honey Soaked Kataifi, Bee Pollen Gelato, White Chocolate Pistachio Honeycomb

Rotating Gelato and Sorbets

Local Selection of Gelatos

Coffee and Doughnuts

Ricotta Donuts | Tossed in Spiced Sugar | Salted Caramel Drizzle | Coffee Gelato

Seasonal Fruit Dentelle

Macerated Peaches | Black Sesame Gelato | Labneh Mousse


Menu served every Sunday from 11am-9pm

Whipped Labneh

Honey, stone fruits, greek granola


House made feta burrata, rooftop pesto, local honey, speck, marconas

Lamb Ragu

Hummus, charred shabazi onions, fried mint, pita


Local eggplant, san marzano, ciabatta

Fried Calamari

Preserved lemon, greek olives, olive oil, parsley

Artichoke Hummus

Rebecca creek feta, gordal olives, artichoke chips, xo sauce pita

Toro Tabbouleh

Tuna Tare Tar | Bulger Wheat | Avocado | Tomato | Pine Nuts | Ciabatta Chips

Roasted Beets

Labneh, roasted pistachios, local honey

Something Green

Local greens, tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette, marcona almonds

Crispy Meatballs

Veal, cheddar curd, pomodoro, radicchio agrodolce

Potato Gnocchi

Salsa Amatriciana, Pecorino Cheese


Spinach Feta Pita

Pita, feta, eggs, garlic herb créme fraiche, frisee

Lamb Ragu Pita

Braised lamb, eggs, mozzarella, marinated tomatoes, mint

Eggs in Hell (Shakshuka)

Arrabbiata, farm eggs, mozzarella, country loaf

Simple Mediterranean Breakfast

Two eggs, ciabatta toast, shaved speck, polenta, preserves

Chorizo Eggs Gyro

Zaatar eggs, chorizo, feta, harissa, potatoes

Late Afternoon Braise

Braised lamb shank, roasted carrot, garbanzo beans

Greek Lamb Burger

Two smash patties, tzatziki, feta, tomato, mozzarella


Red shrimp, hummus, preserved lemon, chile oil, grilled bread

add chicken

You're Breaking My Balls

Veal meatballs, orecchiette, amatriciana, pecorino, basil

Turkish Eggs

Two poached eggs, whipped labneh, cucumber, roasted potatoes, chile oil

Beef Burger

Dry aged beef, american cheese, butter lettuce, local tomato, onion, harissa aioli, fries

Daughters French Toast

Ciabatta french toast, peach compote, labneh mint whip cream, balsamic glaze

Daughters LOX

Smoked Salmon on pita, herb cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, onion